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Personal Services

For more than sixteen years, Koren has made helping people the focus of her professional life. She has worked with hundreds of individuals and couples to help them heal from emotional pain, overcome personal obstacles and lead fulfilling lives by reaching their personal and professional goals.
She has worked in the Caribbean and the United States and is comfortable with diverse populations.


If you are stressed , having relationship problems, suffering with depression, grief and loss or any other situation that is preventing you from being yourself, feel free to book a counseling session in person or remotely and let’s work together.


Everyone feels stuck sometimes and with coaching and asking the right questions, we help you
to look at where you are in your life right now and where you really want to be. If you are feeling
unmotivated or unclear about what is next, coaching can help you to figure out what you want
out of life and how to get it.



Have you been recently promoted? Congratulations! 

Do you feel as though you have no idea how to work with subordinates,
how to delegate responsibility or how to motivate others? We can help you to become
the best leader you can possibly be.

Personal Services

Business Services

Koren is one of the few Employee Assistance Program (EAP) certified persons in the Caribbean who work with organizations to help them set up internal or external EAP services. 
Our services help employees to create a work-life balance while giving them the assurance that the employer cares about them and is supportive and empathetic.
When employees see that their needs are being considered, they are more effective in their duties and productivity increases.


Providing counseling & support to your employees for their personal or work related problems and helping you to set up Employee Wellness programs.


Consulting for social services agencies in the areas of migration, advocacy, workplace issues, HIV and AIDS, gender Issues, education & training.


Providing Workplace Training on a variety of topics that help to create a stronger and more productive work force.

Business Services
Meet Koren
Koren Norton - Consultkoren.jpg

Meet Koren

An author, counselor, trainer and consultant, Koren Norton is committed to helping people live more fulfilling, happy lives. She has worked with hundreds of persons and numerous organizations in the Caribbean and the United States. As a result, she is comfortable with culturally diverse populations and does excellent work providing motivation and guidance.

Her formal training includes degrees in Business Administration, Behavioral Science, Social work and Certification in World of Work specialization.

Ms. Norton has many years of experience counseling, providing managerial support, employee training, and conducting workshops on a variety of topics, which can help employees to function more effectively at work as well as improve the quality of their lives.

She regularly volunteers her time to speak on issues of community and national concern on local radio and television programs and at various churches and schools.

Proceeds from this business are donated to charity that helps with the education of our youth.

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on becoming fulfilled woman cover 1.JPG

Here is a book written for women who want to be successful, accomplished, healthy and fulfilled. These are desirable and admirable goals and this book contains some valuable tools that can help you to achieve them.


Discover the following:

•How to take care of yourself in the manner you deserve
•How to build loving and lasting relationships
•How to be the kind of employee that stands out positively
•How to use your natural talents and abilities to achieve success
•How to improve your financial stability

You Can Do It Book Cover.jpg

You can do it! Is an affirmation that we all need to hear from time to time. We need to be reminded that with effort and the right attitude, we can accomplish great things.


This book will teach you how to identify your mission and vision, how to assess your strengths, what kind of people to surround yourself with and you will be challenged with weekly activities to put what you learn into practice.


Here is your own personal life coach offering you 52 weeks of guidance on issues that could change your life!

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